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We believe that meal-times should be a happy, social time where different, healthy foods are tasted and eating skills can be developed.  We have a dedicated dining area where children can enjoy their meals with friends.

Both of our Clever Clogs Nurseries follow a four-weekly menu rotation. All of our menus include a morning snack, afternoon snack and a hot two-course lunch.  Meals are freshly cooked on site each day using fresh ingredients and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our menus are carefully planned to encompass a healthy and well balanced diet using recipes from the NHS eat better start better programme.

We encourage pre-school children to serve themselves at mealtimes to develop social and communication skills in preparation for school-life.

We have strict health and safety procedures in our kitchens and dining areas which are regularly assessed to ensure that they are being adhered to and our facilities are regularly inspected by local authorities.

Prepared baby food / baby milk is provided by parents until babies are able to accept a blended nursery menu - we will discuss requirements with you as appropriate.

Our chefs regularly hold tasting sessions with our children, encouraging kids to try new healthy food and develop their tastes.  We often serve the vegetables grown in our own gardens and use herbs the children have grown themselves to show them the process from planting and growing to using the fresh produce in our tasting sessions and food.

Example Menu

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

Mid-morning snack: Fresh fruit

Lunch: Chicken casserole with boiled potatoes and seasonal vegetables, followed by mixed berry crumble

Mid-afternoon snack: Tuna sandwiches with salad

Drinks: Milk or water will be available throughout the day

Mid-morning snack: Cheese and crackers

Lunch: Cheesy cod bake with fresh vegetables and potatoes followed by fruit jelly

Mid-afternoon snack: Scrambled egg on toast

Drinks: Milk or water will be available throughout the day

Mid-morning snack: Toasted muffin

Lunch: Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread and fresh vegetables followed by rice pudding and fruit puree

Mid-afternoon snack: Bagels with a selection of toppings including ham and cheese served with fresh salad

Drinks: Milk or water will be available throughout the day