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Stranger Danger at Clever Clogs

Posted: Friday 27th November

Clever Clogs in Bowburn, Durham, have identified the importance of children and adults being aware of dangers that may arise, and have been teaching pre-school children all about Stranger Danger, and have had the help and support from Local Police in doing so.

Practitioners have been using their teaching skills to hold discussions with children aged 3-5 year old, helping them understand the dangers that may arise when strangers appear. Using age appropriate language and strong questioning skills to extend children’s minds and understanding seems to have such a positive impact.  

Clever Clogs, Bowburn, have been using scenarios with the children such as asking what children would do if a stranger asked them “do you want some sweets?” “Do you want to come and see my puppy?” now when asked children are shouting NO! in response to the questions. This is a brilliant achievement.

Practitioners have been using role play dressing up as police officers and strangers and helping children identify what a safe stranger and a safe place may look like. 

Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Bowburn, have used many age appropriate techniques to support the concept of Stranger Danger including the help and support from Local Police.

Local Police have been a fantastic aspect to the setting, two officers came to visit the nursery, to enforce the concept of Stranger Danger, talk to the children, answer questions, deliver fun activities to positively engage the children. The police officers have taught children what to do if a stranger approaches them and have given some great advice to practitioners too.

At Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Bowburn, Durham strongly believe in introducing children to their wider world, including teaching children about people who help us such as police, fire fighters doctors and nurses. We believe this supports children to develop life skills from a young age, and to understand how to respond to future life situations.  

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