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Special Security at Clever Clogs

Posted: Friday 01st May

A nursery in Bowburn, Durham, has upped their security, and have taken extra precautions in keeping their children extra safe in the nursery by installing a new security system.    

Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Bowburn, have had a new fingerprint and code system installed throughout the nursery. Now when parents or staff would like to enter the building they place their fingerprint on the door entry system and once recognised they are allowed into the building.  

Clever Clogs, Bowburn, have also had new code systems put onto all of the nursery room doors, this is to ensure children are entirely safe at all times while at Clever Clogs. This means that no one can enter the children’s rooms without authorisation from a member of staff.  

At Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Bowburn, Durham strongly believe in keeping children safe at all times. Safeguarding children is paramount.

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