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Posted: Tuesday 17th November

It is always lovely to receive the large amount of thank you cards, presents and letters from our lovely families as they leave us to go on to School following their journey here at Clever Clogs.We would like to share with you one particular letter from the parents of a little boy who has been here with us from when he was 7 months old. This makes the team here at Clever Clogs feel really appreciated and enable us to all have a genuine understanding of the impact we have every day on each individual child by giving them the best possible start in life. Thank you so much to Rachel and Chris.

Dear Sharon and Vicky,

As you are aware, Thomas has attended your nursery since he was 7 months old( now age 4 and starting School). As  full time working parents, daily life is always busy and although we spend time each night finding out what Thomas has been doing, there is little time to reflect on what a nurturing, fun and supportive experience it has been for our little boy.

From the minute we walked in the nursery for a visit 4 years ago we knew it was the place for Thomas. Every member of staff was so friendly, the resources and provision stood out a mile from any other nursery that we visited, and most importantly, all of the children seemed so happy.

This first impression continued throughout Thomas's whole journey from the baby room until he became a very proud fox. I'm sure we are not the only parents that felt guilty about leaving their little 7 month old baby in Nursery all day, but to walk in and see staff giving him a cuddle and making him laugh put us at ease. Similarly, nothing has been too much trouble - even when Thomas was coming to nursery with a broken leg ( age 2 ) and a broken arm ( age 4 ) . You took extra care to ensure it was protected, writing in his diary to let us know how he had been. Knowing we could send breakfast or tea in and the staff would sort it out was also a big help to us. All staff take the time to talk to us when we collect Thomas and they always speak with a smile on their face.

We could write all day about how your nursery has helped make our working lives a lot easier, but actually the main reason we fell the nursery deserves recognition is because of the inquisitive, outgoing and happy little boy it has helped to make our child become. Although Thomas is coming back to the fun club both before and after school, we know that he is going to miss being at nursery every day. Thomas is leaving nursery above the national standard and we are so proud of him. We cannot thank the staff enough for their hard hard work and dedication.

We are sure you will continue to provide fantastic provision in the future and we would not hesitate to use the nursery again if there is ever another little Leonard.

Yours Sincerely

Rachel and Chris Leonard

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