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Children & Parents Singing Praises of Local Nursery

Posted: Thursday 25th February

Clever Clogs in Bowburn, Durham, have had parents/carers singing their praises for all of their wonderful hard work and effort. In January Clever Clogs gave out parent/carer questionnaires to gather some feedback whether it be good or bad to support their future action plans.

Clever Clogs, Bowburn, staff members were overwhelmed by the fantastic comments and feedback they received in such a short period of time. Comments on the questionnaires included:

  • “It is good to know that even at a young age, children are developing the skills and knowledge they need to transition into school. As a parent it is useful to know there are standards are set and my child is developing in relation to them”
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Clever Clogs for being so helpful and friendly. It was so hard leaving Joseph to return to work, but knowing he is enjoying himself and is with the staff has made it so much easier, Thank you!”
  • “The staff and the facilities at the nursery are wonderful. I feel assured that Huey is well looked after and he always tells me hes had a great time!”  
  • “We are really impressed with Clever Clogs. I never worry about Oliver when he is there, more importantly he feels safe and happy there!”
  • “Happy with the service offered for Fun Club, feel safe in the knowledge someone will always be there at school to pick up, my child feels happy and safe when at Fun Club” 

Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Bowburn, are enjoying reading the questionnaires as they continue to come in completed, comments have also come in for improvements which Clever Clogs are also taking on board and acting upon. Comments which include “More artwork to be sent home from the day” & “We would like to see how the children socialise being able to watch videos or look at photos would be great”  

At Clever Clogs Day Nursery in Bowburn, Durham strongly believe in reflective practice, by gaining the views and opinions of their important customers children and parents/carers this helps to positively plan and reflect on future provision. 

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